Web Design, Mobile App Design, UI/UX Design

A Social Network for Parents
The idea

Grovvup is a secure and private communication, interactive and resourceful platform for parent groups, organizations who work with children and schools.


Facilitate better communication between  businesses who are offering daycare to high school activities to children in local area and the parents of the children who attend those activities. 


UI/UX design
Mobile App design

For parents
  • Connect to other parents, parents to friends, teacher to parent, admin to parent
  • Become better informed about their children’s lives
  • Browse local businesses and get recommendations from friends

Grovvup is a dynamic, secure and private platform that allows businesses to reach out to parents and consistently update them on their child’s accomplishments. Parents become an active part of their child’s class by being engaged which retains your students and actively helps drive new business to grow your business!

  • Manage multiple classrooms, their participants and scheduled activities on one private and secure social platform
  • Each class group is private and secure to those only in that class — no others have access. Share photos, events, achievements, funny stories, reviews, registration documents, learning tools, etc.