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Bachoo Manifesto —

Our Standards


We always share our expert opinion and recommend how to make a product better, faster, and cheaper.

We follow best practices in process management – Git Flow, Scrum, CI/CD, code style, code linters, code review, unit testing, etc. We don’t over-engineer a product and will always find an optimum technical solution to any problem.

For us, quality means proper architecture, which allows you to scale the product at low cost, high security, optimal speed, and pixel-perfect performance.

And we always meet deadlines. Because time is money.


We use strong passwords and authorization processes to protect our clients’ data. We always use SSL certificates. We protect our products from any attacks and vulnerabilities – DDos, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Session Hijacking, we prevent SQL injection attacks.

We always take a very responsible approach in choosing open-source libraries, frameworks, and packages.


We use best practices and patterns to improve the speed and performance of the products we develop. Optimization auditing, effective profiling, runtime performance. We use CDN.

SEO optimization

We’re up to date with all the latest search engine requirements and semantic markup to make sure your website meets the requirements for top search result positions.


Our products look great on any device, at any screen resolution.
We cover our code with Unit tests.
 We always perform functional and regression testing.

Full-stack development for web, mobile, desktop & more

Perfectly architected code.
Modern, scalable, reusable, agile.

Extend your development team

Bachoo is a team of multi-skilled developers and designers who create effective digital solutions.

We can work in different ways, depending on your needs – turnkey projects from A to Z, with our in-house designers or with your design team. Alternatively, our experts will happily augment your team whenever needed, on time and material or retainer basis.

Web, mobile and
cross-platform applications

We do Full-stack JavaScript development for web, desktop & mobile. Cross-platform development on React / React Native / Node.js.

Whether you’re looking to create an MVP to validate your business idea or to build a full-fledged market-ready solution, Bachoo is up for the task.

If your project needs a boost of development expertise, you can extend your team with one of our in-house development experts for a specific project or on an ongoing basis.

Haute couture

Sometimes, an unusual, artsy, and flashy website is exactly what your business needs to present a product or to build a certain brand image.

We take pride in our practical application of advanced front-end technologies: GreenSock, SVG animation, WebGL, tree.js, and other libraries. This allows us to craft outstanding interactive visuals.

E-commerce solutions
that sell

Fast and secure e-commerce solutions with mind-blowing visuals for your products. Online shops of any complexity, from small mono-brand to large multi-brand stores.

A wide arsenal of 3d elements and animations for the maximum visual impact that would ensure that you reach your sales targets in style.

As a given, we will integrate social media and payment systems into your store. If needed, we will plug in third-party services, such as Salesforce, to personalize user experiences, decrease cart abandonment and increase customer loyalty.

In terms of security, we always ensure that our clients’ sites are fully protected, enabling them to provide reliable user experience and unequivocal user trust.

Online publishing platforms
and corporate websites

We build custom solutions that allow to conveniently manage your publishing processes. News sites, media portals and corporate websites of any scale with full social media integration and SEO optimization to maximize the connection with your existing and target audience.

Other tech solutions

Automation of virtually any business processes, to optimize your day-to-day operations.

APIs of any difficulty and for any purpose.

Chatbots to automate your client communication on any platform.

Redesign and refactoring to optimize your infrastructure, architecture and code of your existing products.

Our tech stack:

Desktop and mobile (or multiplatform)

React Native / Ionic / NativeScript / Expo / Flutter / Electron


Nginx / GitHub / GitLab / Bitbucket / Gitbucket / NPM / Cucumber.js / Mocha / Jasmine / Karma / Gulp / Grunt / Jenkins / Travis CI / CircleCI / TeamCity / Ansible / Vagrant / Docker Hub / Docker / Kubernetes / PM2 / Kibana / AWS / Heroku / Cloudflare


WordPress / Contentful / Node.js / Express.js / Koa / Next.js / NestJS / Loopback / MongoDB / RethinkDB / Redis / PostgreSQL / MySQL


HTML5 & CSS3 / Sass / Less / BEM / Twitter Bootstrap / Zurb Foundation / Semantic UI / JavaScript (ES5-ES9) / TypeScript / Flow / Babel / React / Redux / Vue.js / WebGL / Three.js / GreenSock / SVG / Webpack

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