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Chief Delivery Officer
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Chief Delivery Officer

We are looking for a Chief Delivery Manager for our Creative and Web Development Department to take on the responsibility of successful project delivery and lead changes connected with organizational growth.



  • Model and optimize production processes and standards of project management;
  • Standardize and templatize projects, processes, and documents;
  • Set up risk management policies and procedures for our PMs;
  • Risk management across all projects and for the whole Production Team; 
  • Lead and supervise the team of Project Managers;
  • Supervise Production processes from project estimation to final delivery;
  • Measure and improve team effectiveness;
  • Partaking in communication with the most important clients to represent the studio and ensure their needs are met. 


  • Maximize team effectiveness;
  • Achieve stable and predictable team performance.

Position inside the team:

  • Supervisor to Project Managers;
  • Work closely with art directors and development team leads, as well as CTO, Head of Sales, and CEO;
  • Reporting to CEO.

Hard requirements:

  • Advanced English;
  • Experience working in teams of 50+ people — this is a hard requirement;
  • Experience in establishing risk management at the scale of the company;
  • At least 5 years of experience in team leadership in tech (delivery manager, team lead etc.)
  • Solid mastership in best practices of project management;
  • Strong mastership in Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum practices;
  • Deep understanding of creative and design processes and disciplines;
  • Experience in modelling business processes, describing and executing them with a team of at least 10 people;
  • Experience in change management;
  • Extensive background in IT and delivering complex projects throughout the lifecycle.

Soft requirements:

  • Preferably technical education (Mathematics, cybernetics, engineering, or natural science)
  • Structured approach, ability to pinpoint problems and find a systematic solution for them;
  • Agility, adaptation skills, and readiness to go through a phase of active growth together with our team;
  • Willingness and ability to drive progress, identify problems before everybody else, and suggest solutions;
  • Excellent communication skills, rigor, and justice; 
  • Strong problem-solving and negotiation skills;
  • Willingness and ability to be a leader, charismatic and energetic.

About us:

  • The tools we use are Figma, Confluence, Jira, Google docs, Slack, Zoom and Whimsical.
  • We work on cool, complex projects. We do not celebrate mediocrity, or engage the mundane. 
  • Our jokes are inappropriate and often obscene, and we will not stop. Deal with it.

What we offer:

  • Regular reviews focused on supporting your growth.
  • Paid courses and conferences.
  • Paid English classes.
  • A team that can make you a supreme human being.
  • Work from anywhere. The core of our team is Kyiv-based, but a good part of it is scattered around Europe and beyond. We get together once in a while. For those who live in Kyiv, we offer secured workplaces at Lift99 Hub.