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Interface Designer

We are looking for a talented interface designer to join our office team. You will take part in projects from A to Z: carry out research, prototyping, create visual solutions and oversee the implementation of your projects.




  • You have experience. It’s important for us that you’re able to independently fulfil tasks, make informed decisions and take responsibility for them. Speaking in numbers, it’s around 3 years working as a designer.
  • You are constantly growing. You know you can become better. You check new methodologies and processes, test tools, learn from your mistakes. By the way, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, this is normal.
  • You can oversee a project from start to finish. You can clearly formulate the end goal, taking into account the project requirements and specifics, design a user interface and pass on a project to development in the correct way.
  • You’re attentive. You know that the devil is in the details. You can spend an extra hour on polishing a solution and won’t let yourself make a messy mockup. And if you don’t do the task on time you’ll simply burn with shame;
  • You are proactive and have initiative. You’re not afraid to suggest ideas that might improve the team’s performance.
  • You love people. You want to make the world better, you’re ready to help a client, a colleague or anyone who addresses you. But this doesn’t mean that you have to like everyone around you.
  • You listen and know how to be heard. We value strong communication skills, the ability to listen and persuade.You have a high level of English. Intermediate or higher, to be precise. Practically all of our clients speak English, and our designers often talk to them directly.
  • You have a cool portfolio. You’re proud of what you do, share your work with your colleagues, friends and family. You publish projects on Behance or Dribbble. Maybe you even have your personal website with your work? We’d love to see it too.

Something extra?

  • You can create interactive prototypes. You can create a cool animation that will make an app or a website more vibrant and clear, and will get lots of attention on Dribbble.
  • You understand development. You know the basic rules of website layout and development for mobile. It’s cool when designers and developers understand each other.

A bit about us

  • We work in Figma, and we use all of its advantages to the fullest: components, styles, cloud-based collaboration and other nice things.
  • We work on complex but interesting projects. We don’t take up projects we won’t enjoy working on.
  • We work in an office. We’re not against remote work, but when everyone’s in one place it’s easier to communicate and work.
  • We value every team member. All the team members are, first and foremost, human beings, with their desires, points of view, skills, which we all pay attention to.
  • We work together. We value teamwork, that’s why we love it when people join forces to find a solution, have general discussions and help others.

The job

  • 8-hour workday from 10:00 to 19:00, paid holidays and sick leave.
  • A spacious two-floor office just 5 minutes walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti station.
  • We have a large comfortable kitchen, and we’ll be happy if you bring your favourite slippers!
  • Of course, we have coffee, tea, fruits and a “vitamin box”. We watch films in the evenings, play Mortal Kombat – whatever the team wants to do.
  • And as a bonus, our irreplaceable team player, our beloved Abyssinian cat Design, who’ll provide you with round-the-clock hugs!
  • A salary that is based on your skills, and a transparent growth system. We also have bonuses for initiative and good results, of course.
  • Group English lessons and crossfit, half of the costs are covered by the studio.
  • Paid courses, conferences and trips.

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