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Node.js Developer
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Node.js Developer

We are growing fast and are looking for a Node.js developer into our office on a full-time basis, in order to expand our new product development team.


You have:

  • 3+ years’ experience as a Node.js Developer.
  • Good knowledge of native JavaScript.
  • Good knowledge of Node.js architecture and its APIs.
  • Experience working with Express.js / Koa.js / NestJS / Loopback.
  • Experience designing RESTful APIs.
  • Good knowledge of NoSQL (MongoDB, RethinkDB, Redis) and SQL (PostgresSQL).
  • Experience in writing unit tests (Mocha, Jest, Chai).

Would be great

  • If you’ve launched products (from initial commit to release).
  • If you know something except JavaScript (C++ / Golang / Kotlin / Rust or something else).
  • If you write on TypeScript or at least use Flow.
  • If you have experience working with Socket.IO.
  • If you’ve built APIs on GraphQL or would like to try.
  • If you have experience with ElasticSearch, Solr and RabbitMQ.
  • If you’ve set up a CI/CD pipeline. Even better if with a Docker.


  • Designing server architecture for new products.
  • Designing and creating APIs in close collaboration with React developers.
  • Creating new features and improving existing ones (no legacy at all??).
  • Covering code by unit tests.

Main requirements

  • You’re independent. It’s important for us that you can solve problems by yourself, make informed decisions and take responsibility for them;
  • You’re attentive. You know that the devil is in the details. You can spend an extra hour on polishing a solution and won’t let yourself make a pool request with a lot of mess. And if you don’t do the task on time you’ll simply burn with shame;
  • You write good, clean code. Other developers that work with you on a project don’t curse you for confusing variable names, spaghetti code and files with five thousand lines in them.
  • Good English. We write documentation, talk to clients, write tasks and comments to Git commits in simple English – you should be comfortable with this.

The job

  • 8-hour workday from 10:00 to 19:00, paid holidays and sick leave.
  • A spacious two-floor office just 5 minutes walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti station.
  • We have a large comfortable kitchen, and we’ll be happy if you bring your favourite slippers!
  • Of course, we have coffee, tea, fruits and a “vitamin box”. We watch films in the evenings, play Mortal Kombat – whatever the team wants to do.
  • And as a bonus, our irreplaceable team player, our beloved Abyssinian cat Design, who’ll provide you with round-the-clock hugs!
  • A salary that is based on your skills, and a transparent growth system. We also have bonuses for initiative and good results, of course.
  • Group English lessons and crossfit, half of the costs are covered by the studio.

! Due to the Covid pandemic in Ukraine and in the world, we must follow the regulations so at the moment we are working remotely.

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