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Project Manager + Business Analyst

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Project Manager + Business Analyst

Right now we are eagerly searching for a new addition to our team — a strong project manager & business analyst. A person who would jump into a new task, understand it, define the Scope of Work, write Product Requirements and subsequently check if the deliverables conform.


You are

  • Experienced. We expect that you are an independent task solver, strong and proactive decision-maker and last, but definitely not least, you are a responsibility embracer. Figures-wise, we are looking for someone with at least 3 years of experience as a Project Manager with some experience as a Business Analyst.
  • You keep evolving. You know that you can be and do better. You are empirical with your approach to new methodologies and processes, instruments testing and making mistakes while going at it. By the way, mistakes are ok — we are all human.
  • You know your way around details. You know for a fact that the devil is in details. You will take an extra hour (or more) to polish the final solution and would not let yourself deliver a task when it is “just ok”. Simultaneously, if breaking a deadline makes your inner perfectionist blush in shame.
  • You are proactive. You are not afraid to share and defend your ideas. And, subsequently, implement them 🙂
  • You like people. You want to make this messy world better. You want to help your client (colleague, stray kitten — you choose) out.
  • Communication skills are a must. Your communication with the client makes a fair share of the project success. You should be able to convince, understand and make decisions on the go if needed.
  • Advanced speaking and writing in English are imperative.

Daily tasks

  • To take part in client interviews and workshops aimed to identify the objectives and goals of a project as well as the implementation strategy.
  • To understand client requirements, ask the right questions, decompose the project.
  • To write the Scope of Work documents and Project Requirements.
  • To check is the final deliverables conform with the requirements.
  • To allocate resources wisely and keep the team workload stable and predictable.
  • It’s also highly preferable that you do it with ease and charming smile.

Typical projects

  • Website design and development: from a simple landing page, to a complex web service, online media or corporate website.
  • Product design and development: from product audit and improvements to creating new products from scratch: applications, SaaS, other online services.

What we offer

  • Flexible hours paid vacations and sick leaves.
  • Regular reviews.
  • Paid courses, conferences and trips (ahahaha)
  • A senior-only team that can make you a better specialist.

About us

  • Tools we use are Notion, Jira, Float, Google docs, Slack, Zoom and Whimsical.
  • We work on complex, and cool projects. We don’t engage the mundane. We need our fix of designer pleasure.
  • At the moment due to COVID, we work remotely. Once the situation gets better we will have an office in the centre for us to meet when needed or to work when you want to. We will keep allowing remote work.
  • We joke inappropriately, and almost all of the time. Deal with it.

Please, shoot us a hello with a cover letter, your portfolio and salary expectations to