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Sales Associate
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Sales Associate

We are looking for a new, young and cool addition to our Kyiv/London sales team. The diamond we need may have very little experience in traditional (or non-traditional for that matter) sales practices. Instead, we are looking for someone with love and skill for communication (in English) and unstoppable desire to learn. The successful candidate will very soon become an integral part of our sales team knowing how to generate leads, convert those into opportunities, which will further be reincarnated as contracts and long-lasting loving relationships with our new clients.


Key tasks

To facilitate and support all the studio’s sales activities including (but not limited to): lead generation; contact search; CRM system management; meeting, calls, and conferences preparation and logistics management; contracts administration; face to face communication with the clients; collaboration with colleagues before, during and after the production process is complete and the contract is fully executed.

Who we need

We need a unique communicator with little or no sales experience, who will be incredibly eager to learn and won’t be afraid of any challenges arising. The ideal candidates will know (or will quickly learn) their way around social networks (professional an casual), will be able to fluently read, write and talk in English, will enjoy getting to know new people and cool business project from around the world; will be sensitive to cultural differences will be eager to go above and beyond helping our international crowd of clients get the best designs possible.

About us

Complex, but cool projects

We work on complex, but cool projects. We don’t engage the mundane. We need our fix of designer pleasure.

We work in an office

We don’t mind having people work from home, but we do appreciate the synergy derived from being under the same roof.

We value every team member

First and foremost, we are all people — with our desires, views, and skillsets. Everyone is a planet. An equal one too.

We work together

We love team work. And we do jump the problems and challenges together. Like a gang.

What we offer

  • Full support and thorough introduction to current processes and standards
  • Freedom of operations, trust
  • All the instruments necessary for successful operations
  • Necessary motivation tools to successfully manage the team
  • Business trips and conferences
  • Getting that pipeline filled with cool projects in accordance with the sales plan

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