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Know Your Business (KYB) processes made easy

Arbor has created an efficient blockchain-based alternative to lengthy and costly Know Your Business (KYB) processes. Incorporated in Switzerland, the company lets users search for verified organizations across various industries as well as register their own company profiles to get discovered by potential partners.

Arbor and its services are initiated by the Winding Tree Foundation – a non-profit organization that develops software projects, data exchange standards and infrastructure for the travel industry.

Product Design
Web Development
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Sophisticated Software with Friendly Interface

Arbor reached out to Bachoo with a product concept that has no competitors in the market: a blockchain-based open-source registry of trusted organizations that is controlled by the community and accessible to everyone. 

The platform was initially designed for the travel industry with the potential to scale up and become a universal KYB solution. Our task was to develop a sophisticated platform with external integrations from scratch while using familiar UX elements and keeping it friendly for our non-tech-savvy users. And (our favorite part) we had to do it twice as fast as usual to get the website up and running for a major industry event.

Explain It Like I’m Five

The process of creating and validating an organization profile on Arbor includes quite a few steps: from creating an Ethereum wallet on MetaMask and submitting transaction fees to filling in the organization details and verifying the corporate website along with social media channels.

We created a unified terminology with simple descriptive names for all the technical concepts and UX elements. Next, we added pop-ups and information boxes to smoothly guide the users through all the tricky processes.

Show That You Are Trustworthy

Arbor uses ORG.ID, an open-source standard for exchanging verified data about organizations. To indicate how trustworthy every organization is, Arbor designed a concept of trust level that increases with every successful verification. 

Registered organizations can select a directory, verify their social media channels and website, request an EV Certificate and submit a Líf deposit in Ethereum to protect Arbor registry from spam and participate in the platform’s management.

Not Your Typical Crypto Platform

To stand out from classic “white-and-blue” crypto/blockchain platforms, we decided to work with soft lines and warm peach and purple tones with green accents. Our designers created over 50 illustrations for the main pages as well as for every step of the organization profile creation wizard. 

Arbor’s parent organization, Winding Tree Foundation, has a tree-shaped logo, we took its pattern and combined it with a magnifying glass to symbolize the search for potential partners.

Every Opinion Counts

This was by far one of the most collaborative projects. Arbor co-founders had daily status calls with Bachoo project manager, designer, copywriter and developer to identify the next steps and track the progress on every step of the way. 

Every piece of microcopy, illustration, UX elements as well as technical implementation were discussed over numerous iterations and eventually brought to perfection.

Lightning Fast With React

Our developers used React, Redux for state management, Redux Saga middleware for side effects, Fetch for API calls, Winding Tree API and Node.js for backend development as well as MetaMask provider and material UI.

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