Interactions that build relationships —

Simplifying family communications

Family Networks is a platform that allows users to park and keep their local and toll-free numbers. Users can control the calls and message routing and make their number do exactly what they intended.
Our task was to design the platform itself, as well as a landing page to present the features of the platform.

Product Design
Web Design
Web Development

Keep it simple

We needed a visual structure and navigation that would allow the user to easily access all the available functions.


A platform for all ages

To make the interface familiar and easy-to-use, we found the most comfortable combination of fonts, contrasts and spacing. We built an intuitive navigation system to accommodate the needs of users of all ages, sexes and nationalities.

Soft and cozy

How to make a generally corporate office-oriented product soft and cozy?
We managed to develop an understandable and user-friendly shell that made suitable and desirable for family use.

Screens, screens, screens

We created over 250 screens and screen states just for the desktop version. On top of that, we produced over 100 additional screens for the mobile version.

The 8760 WIO Wireless

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