Carpool for kids

Kibzy is a tool that helps parents cooperate with other parents when it comes to riding the children. Thus, we solve two big problems: saving time and keeping children safe. With kibzy you can easily find help among your friends and acquaintances, get a ride, track the ride and always stay informed about the location of your child.



UI/UX design

Mobile App design

Web design

Client & Sector

Grovvup, inc. USA



We questioned a lot of parents and defined several basic facts:

  • Most of the parents would like to use help driving their children.
  • Main concern with having third party as a driver was safety.
  • Most of the parents have already tried child driving services.
  • Most of the parents say they would trust their children to other parents that they know.
  • Most of children attend activities within a few miles from their home.
Set up

We developed a simple step-by-step onboarding, that helps the users to:

  • Set up their profile.
  • Set up their children.
  • Connect to other parents.
App features
  • Build your network of trusted parents.
  • Send your carpool request to multiple recipients.
  • Receive multiple offers and choose the driver.
  • Track your child’s ride in real time.
  • Chat or call the driver if needed.
  • Get updates every step of the way.
  • Help others.
Getting help

In order to find help among your contacts, you need to fill out the route info by indicating:

  • The child who will ride.
  • Pickup and drop-off locations.
  • Pick up and/or drop-off time.
  • A custom message, that will hopefully encourage other parents to help.
En route

You will be notified about everything that happens, when your child is in somebody’s car:

  • The driver has arrived to pick up.
  • The child is picked up.
  • They are en route.
  • If the driver has gone off the route.
  • The driver dropped of the child.
  • Route is finished.
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