Instagram marketing tool

Kickstagram is aimed to cover all the pains of Instagram social media marketing professionals as well as small business owners.

Thus, we created a cross-device web-platform, that allows to accumulate content for future posts, schedule them, track progress and easily manage multiple accounts.



UI/UX Design

Client & Sector

Kickstagram, USA



Web Application

Competitor analysis

We conducted a thorough research of popular services in the field. We have to admit, each of them solves certain tasks effectively. This gave us an idea of good practices and showed some usable UI patterns as well as certain gaps in overall user experience.

App features

Based on competitor analysis and interviews with SMM professionals, we defined the most important features:

  • Effective scheduling. It involves getting the best reach of the target audience. After our users define a target audience for an account, we analyse user activity and by default schedule posts for the most effective hours of the day.
  • Content accumulation. In order to streamline the daily routine for SMM professionals, we added on-the-fly drafting, which allows saving drafts with just two taps.
  • Time-saving flow. Drag&drop feature for tablet and desktop users makes scheduling a piece of cake.
  • Analytics and reports. A simple and informative analytics panel would help our users track their progress and report to their clients.
  • Multi-account managing. Immediate account switching saves time for those who have to deal with multiple Instagram profiles.
Draft library

Obviously, accumulating good content for future posts is one of the important and time-consuming tasks. Kickstagram allows for:

  • Add media from any page to any account.
  • Post it at once or save as a draft.
  • Tag drafts or assign them to an account.
  • Schedule posting under one or multiple accounts.
Create and manage multiple accounts

Kickstagram allows managing multiple Instagram accounts and easily switching between them. All accounts have a common draft library. You can also preview the account with the scheduled posts as it will appear on Instagram.

Drag & drop scheduling

This is a new and very helpful feature for tablet and desktop users. Having drafts and the calendar side-by-side allows rapid and transparent scheduling.

  • Filter the drafts by account or hashtag.
  • Drag & drop drafts onto certain dates.
  • Add caption and tags if they haven’t been added yet.
Managing posts and drafts

Self-cleaning draft library keeps you from posting duplicate.

  • Review the drafts library, filter it by tags and accounts.
  • Publish right away or schedule any draft after all the necessary fields are filled out.
  • A draft will be automatically removed from the library once it has been scheduled or posted.
Seamless experience

The service sustains its functionality and usabiliy on all devices. We built a progressive web application, that provides high usability for mobile, tablet and desktop users.

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