Object valuation app

Valuation of things used to be a privileged service, time-consuming and costly. Thus, it was used mostly by professional art and antiques collectors.

With Klue valuation of your stuff becomes easy and affordable. So you can evaluate any of your rare belongings at a fraction of their cost.

You just need to take good photos of your object, add a detailed description and wait for a professional to give you the answer and, if you want, the certificate to verify the price. Having done this, you can seamlessly send the object to most popular online auctions: ebay, tradera, blocket.



User Experience and Interface Design

Web Design

Client & Sector

People & Things AB, Sweden

Shopping, eCommerce



We wanted to show how Klue is elite and affordable at the same time. With the playful crown acock and the sleek letters, we built an image of the service.

The user flow

Just a few simple steps to get things done.

  • Take and upload pictures of the things you wish to get certified
  • Order digital certificates promoting and appraising your things
  • Chat with your Klue experts
  • See all items in your collections and their certificates
  • Publish your digital certificates on the marketplace of your choice: eBay, Blocket, Tradera, Facebook, etc.


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