Meal ordering application

OrderX is a mobile application for fast ordering at festivals, cafes, and restaurants. Standing in line is always a pain when you want to grab a drink or some food. Accordingly, places loose profit, because they serve less than they could. OrderX solves these problems by optimizing the processes of choosing dishes, ordering, payment, and order receiving.
We developed a new visual style for the application and improved the UX. It turned out to be an original yet simple application.

  • User Interface
  • Visual design
  • E-Commerce



After registration, the user sees 3 onboarding screens showcasing the key application features.

Start ordering

One of the most important features of the app is ordering by scanning a QR-code. The user can immediately add a drink to his or her order.
Point the camera at the QR-code and it will automatically recognize the menu item. A user sees the card of the item, where he can add several positions at once without re-scanning.


The user can also view nearby restaurants on the map, see the menu and pre-order food. This is quite convenient for festivals, where there are usually multiple spots offering various food and drink options. 


Given the diversity of vendors, from fast-food or street food to high-end restaurants, we developed a universal menu scheme. The menu list can be broken into categories, each represented by a card with a handcrafted illustration.

Checkout process

During the checkout, the user can specify his or her order, add or remove certain positions. After confirming the order user gets to choose how to get the order.

Order status

We created animated illustrations for each order status.

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