Network Maintenance App

ReachOut is an application, that helps you to communicate with your contacts on time. The user sorts his contacts into groups of importance and the application automatically generates a communication weekly plan.

The key tasks of this project were:

  • finding a convenient way to sort contacts at the beginning of work with the application
  • adding gamification for the routines
  • developing the configuration of task scheduling

User Experience

User Interface





Yuriy Cherevan


All contacts from the user’s phonebook are imported into the ReachOut app, and they need to be sorted into groups. Each group has it’s own priority in the communication. The application generates a communication plan based on user preferences and group priority. The only part of all contacts is important for the user.  

The sorting process is available while there are unsorted contacts. It can be finished at any time and continuing from the home screen. All insignificant contacts are still available, so the user could always return to them.


We have developed a spider, that spins a network of user’s contacts. This character appears at the end of the sorting process, with errors and user promotions, and on the main screen near communication status.

Home page

The application generates communication tasks for week.  After the contact, the user marks the task as done and leaves an assessment and comments on the conversation.


For each contact, there is an extensive profile, where you can fill basic and additional information about the person and his family.


The client asked to combine interdependent parameters into one screen: the frequency of communication and the weekly limit. For example, if the communication is too frequent (limit will be exceed) , then the user will see an error. We discarded this flow and revised the entire configuration process, asking the main question – What does the user need? As a result, a solution was to divide these parameters into two tabs. So the user sets his limit and sees the frequency as result, or sets the frequency and sees calculated weekly limit.


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