Network Maintenance App

Communication and good connections are essential for a successful business and personal life. Yet in the modern world, when connections are so many and communication is brief, it is easy to miss lots of opportunities. It is hard to build a solid and lasting connection with people.

We simply keep forgetting to call, message, congratulate, etc. ReachOut App helps you maintain your personal network seamlessly and enjoy it on the way.

As the first step, the user sorts his or her contacts into groups by type of connection. Then the user indicates, how much time and effort he/she is willing to put in on a weekly basis. Then the app automatically generates a weekly plan for communication.


User Experience

User Interface







So, all user contacts are imported into ReachOut and they need to be sorted into four groups and some contacts are dismissed, which means the user doesn’t want to maintain communication. 

The problem is that usually, users have too many contacts and sorting them is time-consuming and very boring. Sorting contacts by small portions seemed like a good solution. Every time the user opens the app, he or she is offered to sort at least ten people. Thus, eventually, the work will be done with not too much effort.


After each of such sorting sessions, the little spider will tell you if your net is built evenly or you have some disbalance in your groups.

Home screen

Homescreen is the dashboard that highlights your week. How many times you need to reach out to people. If you are doing well or you need to make a little more effort. 

After each touch of communication, you can add notes and mark your energy level to create internal positive reinforcement.


It is important to know about your connections. You can find latest updates about the person from social media in the Feed. 


It is important to plan the effort that you want to put into building and maintaining your network. You can set this up by limit (how many total times per week you will reach out to people) or frequency (how often you want to reach out to people from each group)

We help the user understand the impact of these settings by dynamically showing his weekly communication plan.


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