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Early 2017, we helped Tiquant design their trip application. Tiki is a chatbot that helps travelers over the globe in their trips find best places to stay, eat or visit in a natural way via simple and common conversation. We designed an iOS app to make it as effortless as possible to make users’ travels as easy and enjoyable as possible.


User Experience

User Interface






It’s all about you and the way you travel

Nowadays people travel dramatically more often than ever before. It’s easy to go anywhere for a relatively low price, so anyone can explore the world with little effort. Simply take your laptop or smartphone, use popular website, find a preferable destination, book a ticket, and you are good to go for an adventure.

But even now besides general preparations, trips are connected with some major difficulties and unresolved questions like «what is the best place to stay», «what is going on around my place of accomodation», or «what are the places nearby, where I can have a breakfast». People have to browse different websites or install several applications to get answers to this questions, which are usually not connected with each other in any way. What is more disappointing, none of the popular services provide the opportunity just to talk with their users, like a real guide would do.

With such thoughts in mind, our team alongside with Tiquiant started to work on a brand new all-in-one application that will solve all the major travelers’ problems. We’ve understood, that the application should quite powerful yet simple and approacheble, making any trip easy and enjoyable.

We’ve figured out 4 main directions for this project.

User Experience — User experience is the key fields to make an app useful and safe for all kinds of users. The workflow should feel natural, transparent, and approachable for any kind of a user.

Visuals — All controls, data, and imagery must be easy to understand, and they have to give positive emotions. Also, the overall design has to be flexible and consistent.

Features — There should be only the key features that will let user organize their trip well. It’s very important to find the balance: simple yet solves all the major needs.

Reward — Last but not least, the app should motivate users to use it more and more and make the overall process enjoyable and rewarding.

Familiar things from a different perspective

When working with early-stage products, it’s important to create a design system to minimize development time, onboarding time for future designers, and learn time for users. We implemented a simple design system that can be based on native iOS design system, making the app feel consistent and easy to develop and use.

Warm color accent distinguishes Tiki from other messaging applications, though it’s not exactly a messenger.

We helped them with their branding as well; from logo design to iconography. In total, we designed over 20 beautiful customs icons.

Companion application for travelers

The starting point of every service that provides the application is chat window. No need to navigate between different tabs or even applications — everything is accessible from a single screen.

Direct speech

Chatbot understands all kinds of different requests. A user can look for a hotel and book it afterward, search for things near him to do in the evening, or even get a ride to the specific spot.


No distracting drop-downs or buttons, we kept it simple to let the conversation and shopping experience with Hiro take center stage. Just swipe to the right to reach settings.  They are also accessible via chat. Want to change your password and turn off the notifications? No problem with that — just ask Tiki to do that via chat.


Bottom menu

The bottom menu gives the same functionality as the direct speech does, but it’s easier to use for the new users, who wants to explore different features of the application.

Cares about you like a good friend

One of the greatest things of using single all-in-one application besides the ability not to clutter your smartphone or use different services is that all data is stored in one place giving the application an ability to process it and enhance the user experience.

Tiki will send you a friendly reminder if you have booked a table for this evening and it will offer a taxi to that place, or after arrival in the new place will tell you about what attractions are worth visiting. Possibilities are endless.


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