Tsesna Bank


Internet Banking Platform

Our goal was to design an internet banking platform, that would indeed save its users time and effort. Clean and simple interface, that would adjust to a particular user needs. Transparent and intuitive, yet maintaining all the features of modern internet-banking.


Analytics & Research

UI/UX Design

Front-end Development

Client & Sector

Tsesna Bank,



Internet Banking


After gathering requirements from the bank management and the development team, we conducted our own research in order to identify main customer needs and find best practices in the industry.

Common User Tasks

Based on our research we distinguished most frequent user tasks. This information guided us in our future interface design decisions.

Information Architecture

We made the main page (dashboard) flexible. It has a fixed part: accounts listing with balance, latest transactions, popular payments, mobile replenishment and money transfer.

And a flexible part, where blocks appear only if they are relevant, like payment templates and regular payments, credit and deposit accounts.

Interface Design

We chose to go with an atomic approach. The interface consists of modular blocks, responsive and interchangeable. Thus, the interface adjusts to the needs of each particular user and each particular situation.

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