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Web Design and Development for Wavecell

Wavecell is a Singapore-based B2B company. Their main product is a client communication platform with multiple channels: SMS, chatting apps, videos interaction and voice solutions. Wavecell develops solutions both for individual users and large companies. The company is growing in different Asian countries (Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan).

Web Design
Web Development

In 2019, it was bought by 8×8, a US-based company that provides cloud-based solutions for business communication. It’s a platform with chat, calls, video conferences and a contact center for internal communication. Their solutions are used by McDonalds.

The challenge was to combine the two brands and produce a flexible yet fresh version of the website. We achieved this wholeness by using the 8×8 brand colors, but we kept the spirit of Wavecell with its light blue accents. We used common stylistic elements – the same font with different arrangement and we used a photo with a similar mood on the main page.

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