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Way of Life
Way of Life —

A new Way of Life with illustration and character design

Way of Life is an app for creating new good habits or getting rid of the old bad ones. Habit on – habit off. Way of Life is the right app for that: a beautiful, intuitive tracker that motivates you to build a better, stronger and healthier you.
The client turned to us for a redesign of the landing page. They wanted to create a mascot – a drawn character who would play the role of an assistant.
The main illustration was meant to contain references to a number of good and bad habits.
We moved iteratively, developing pencil sketches first and then editing them together with the client. After approving the composition and the character, we drew the remaining illustrations and assembled the landing page.
In conclusion, we can say that using storytelling and a mascot to refresh the image of a well-known brand still works pretty well, you know.

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