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WIO Wireless

WIO Wireless —

When animation assists the tech

WIO is a cloud-based Wi-Fi platform that self-heals, infinitely scales and creates new revenue, all while providing fast and reliable wireless internet. As wireless technology continues to evolve, service providers must keep up.

Web Design
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Simply put

The most intriguing part of this project was the topic itself – it turned out pretty technical and complex for us. The website had to contain a lot of information with heavy schemas and the client wanted it to become approachable, friendly and easy.

Color and motion

To make everything clear to the average user and to separate 5 main product families, we introduced the color-coding system.
To offset the side of the WIO’s business and to make it cozy & friendly we stuffed the website with tons of animations and other visuals in a juicy yet soft color scheme.
As almost every of WIO’s services & solutions is tailor-made & unique, we decided to make them abstract enough for everyone to see exactly what they may need.

Timeless classics: ‘Before-after effect’

The visual twist in this case was meant to show how WIO’s products actually solve their customers’ pains. To reach this goal as clearly as possible we used two-state before-after animations.

Research, research and research again

Designing WIO was a classic textbook process, but the “fun” part was that we had to spend more time on research than on actual design.
But no worries, we are exactly the geeks who managed it to understand WIO’s product and to present it to potential clients in an understandable and friendly manner. Airfox

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