Full time

Content Producer

We seek a person to develop the process of high quality and on-time content creation from scratch.

Content includes:

  • Texts (articles, media posts etc)
  • Visual content (slides, explainers, case studies)
  • Video content

All ideas, topics and information, which needs to be highlighted, are provided by Studio’s CEO.

Main tasks are:

  • Building the process of various type content creation.
  • Selecting a team (from Bachoo employees) to execute tasks.
  • Execution of the content creation process, from idea to publishing. Leadership of copywriting, design and other teams.
  • Content promotion control and analytics collection — in cooperation with marketers, PPC and SEO specialists.
  • Creation of a content plan, dividing it into separate tasks and planning the performer’s time to use human resources in a best way.
  • Control the quality of results (attention to details, understanding of the high quality standards for the visual and textual parts, ability to reasonably demand better result from the team).
  • 2+ years of media content production experience.
  • Intermediate English level.
  • Knowledge or willingness to quickly learn management tools like: Jira, Airtable at the level of confident user.
  • Activeness, willingness to be a leader and guide the team.
  • Responsibility. Ability to work according to the principle Promised = Done.
  • Ability to work with data and analytics.
  • Knowledge of online media.
  • Basic knowledge of analytics tools:
    • SEO analytics like SE Ranking
    •  Analytics of social networks: CTR, engagement
    • YouTube analytics
    • Site analytics
  • PR experience will be a plus
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