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Looks like you’ve found your next challenge.

After rigorous scientific research, we’ve concluded that we’re at our optimal performance with senior-only employees, with a bit of leeway for upper-middle, too.

We’re not talking about age, by the way.

Life is too short, and deadlines are terribly stressful, so we’re mostly focusing on candidates with a few years of experience under their belt. We’re looking for someone to wow us with solutions so solid they might as well be made of diamond.

We’ve been in the field for a while, and teaching, unfortunately, isn’t our forte, but we’re always learning through sharing, so artistic growth comes naturally.

Reached this far without running for the hills? Excellent, talk to us; we’d love to get to know you.

PS: Due to the nature of our clients, Intermediate+ English is a must.

Creative Content Writer

Hello 👋 Right now, we are eagerly searching for a Creative Content writer to join our Marketing team.

Chief Delivery Officer

We are looking for a Chief Delivery Manager for our Creative and Web Development Department to take on the responsibility of successful project delivery and lead changes connected with organizational growth.

React Native Front End Developer

We’re looking for a Frontend Engineer to be a leader of our Mobile team. You will be responsible for the team, delivering a product of high quality on a daily basis, and will take part in most project phases.

DevOps Engineer

We are now looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer to create infrastructure for new projects from scratch using a modern tech stack

Intermediate/Middle QA Engineer

Báchoo is expanding, and you stand to benefit! We’re fleshing out a new technical department and are looking for people like you (probably) to fill the ranks. The hot trend right now is a QA Engineer. If that’s you, keep reading!

Project Manager + Business Analyst

Right now we are eagerly searching for a new addition to our team — a strong project manager & business analyst. A person who would jump into a new task, understand it, define the Scope of Work, write Product Requirements and subsequently check if the deliverables conform.

Back End Developer

Replace the oil in your car on your own? Awesome, please keep reading. If you're the kind of person who cherishes the process of putting something together and forgets to enjoy the result in favour of moving on to the next LEGO kit—we're looking for a Back end Engineer.  Ideally, you're obsessed with technology, what makes it tick, and how to apply it to solve real-world problems. Keeping up to date with the latest trends, tools, and frameworks is a daily ritual for you. We'll provide enough LEGO kits to keep you busy for a while.

Senior Interface Designer

We are looking for a talented interface designer to join our team. You will take part in projects from A to Z: carry out research, prototyping, create visual solutions and oversee the implementation of your projects.

Creative Front End Engineer

Are puzzles your thing? There’s a reason we’re asking; you could be our missing piece! If problem-solving is a passion of yours, then that’s an itch we’ll gladly scratch for you in the form of a Creative Dev position. Our ideal missing piece is a Frontend Developer with the soul of a Designer; someone as comfortable with their head buried in a browser’s console as they are with Figma (or a pencil. Old school’s cool, too.)

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