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We combine business analysis, design, tech, and budget efficiency for your MVP development

We empower startups by crafting high-performing, user-centric MVPs. Through meticulous business analysis and strategic feature prioritization, we ensure your ecommerce platform stands out. We optimize your budget and maximize value, benefiting both you and your potential customers.

Our philosophy for building MVPs

Focused Business Analysis

Our business analysts identify the essential features to include in an MVP launch. By optimizing for the available budget, we deliver a high-quality product attracting real customers, while avoiding unnecessary scope creep. This focused approach allows us to build top-tier products within the defined MVP budget and timeline. The result is an MVP that delivers real value to users and sets up future releases for success.

Industry Deep Dive

Our analysts conduct in-depth user and market research, understanding your industry, competition, and the overall startup-building process.

Mastering Stakeholder Relations

They also understand the importance of building relationships – with investors, early customers, and early adopters, ensuring communication is effectively managed.

Maintaining Client Ownership

We keep you, our client, as the primary owner of the process. However, having a dedicated business analyst on board helps ensure project success.

Detailed Scope and Description

Detailed Scope and Description: Our analysts engage in careful scoping and defining of your MVP’s core features. They work to match your vision and ensure each feature functions as expected, avoiding surprises and mitigating risks related to functionality. It’s about maintaining control and attention to detail.

Why choose
our MVP development services

Expert Business Analysis

We understand the paramount importance of having a skilled business analyst on board to define key features for MVP success.

Startup Specialists

Since our inception, we’ve specialized in working with startups, building a portfolio of successful projects launched from scratch.

Proven Success Stories

Our portfolio includes numerous startups that have gone on to become industry leaders, exemplifying our ability to contribute to a startup’s success.

Hands-On Experience

Our team boasts individuals with extensive, hands-on experience in team management and product management, ensuring effective workflow and collaboration.

Efficient Processes

Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop and refine an efficient process for team collaboration and project management.

Benefits of our MVP development

Team Dedication

By choosing us, you gain a dedicated team focused solely on your project, eliminating the typical hassles of team management.

Avoid Hiring Costs

The costs of hiring—and especially firing—the wrong person can be high. We take these financial risks off your plate, providing skilled professionals for your project.

Cohesive Teamwork

Our team members have a history of working together, knowing each other’s strengths and how to collaboratively tackle challenges, ensuring a smooth project execution.

No Termination Hassles

We provide a full team package, skillfully aligned to work together on your project, thus eliminating the trouble and potential discomfort of having to let people go.

Readiness to Transition

Understanding that every startup will eventually build their in-house team, we ensure our process facilitates a smooth transition when the time comes.

Services and Industries


In an era where digital education has become the norm, we at Bachoo understand the pivotal role of education technology. We specialize in developing MVPs for online education platforms, EdContent marketplaces, employee reskilling/upskilling solutions, and certification programs. With our unique perspective as a new product development company, we constantly seek innovative solutions for our clients, ensuring that your MVP is positioned at the forefront of the EdTech industry.

Payment automation

As pioneers in product development, we harness technology to create efficient and error-free solutions in the realm of payment automation. Specializing in MVP development, we can design your product to offer an array of payment options with faster processing, global and contactless payment capabilities, recurring and split payments, and more. And we do this while ensuring paramount security and privacy, providing a strong foundation for your payment automation startup.

Financial services

Specializing in fintech, we leverage our deep expertise in corporate financial services to develop minimalist and powerful MVPs that accurately reflect your brand values and the innovative technology you employ. Our extensive experience with complex fintech systems allows us to build robust and standout MVPs that effectively demonstrate the potential of your startup idea in the financial services sector.

Booking Experiences

Our specialty lies in creating custom digital solutions for booking experiences and bookable content. Our team is adept at developing MVPs for seamless booking systems that effectively highlight your brand values, efficiency, and user-friendliness. By guaranteeing an effortless and intuitive user experience, we ensure your MVP sets the groundwork for a successful startup in the booking sector.


When it comes to developing MVPs for marketplaces, we excel at creating platforms that effectively bridge the gap between vendors and customers. Our expertise lies in designing intuitive and user-friendly marketplace MVPs that cater to the unique needs of your startup. With a focus on fostering smooth interactions and transactions, we set the stage for your marketplace startup’s success.

What our customers say

They’ve exceeded our expectations across the board.
Conor Eliot
Senior Brand Manager, TSM
Their resilience and ability to deliver were impressive.
David Taylor
CEO, etherfuse
I loved their quality, turnaround, politeness, and creativity.
Lars Arendt
Founder, Way of Life app
We enjoyed their process immensely and saw almost daily progress.
Lau Bjørn Jensen
Founder, ZimTik
It was extremely helpful to have them manage the project as closely as they did.
Lily Griffin
Marketing Manager, BindTuning
I’m most impressed by their flexibility to work on any project with me.
Misha Lee
Director of Design & Digital Project, Blitz App & TSM
Their team is incredibly professional.
Pablo Bello
Founder and CEO, Lilac
Bachoo has always been good communicator.
Penny McRandle
Marketing Manager, Izon Science
Conor Eliot
David Taylor
Lars Arendt
Lau Bjørn Jensen
Lily Griffin
Misha Lee
Pablo Bello
Penny McRandle

and Frameworks


The architecture of your offerings must be customer-focused, captivating, and aesthetically appealing. As a product development company, we favor a frontend development tech stack that leverages tested technologies, always kept up-to-date. Rather than creating unnecessary complexity, we opt for reliable technology that ensures an optimal balance between cost and quality for you. Therefore, you won’t encounter ostentatious labels or extravagant frameworks in our repertoire.

  • JS/TS + React
  • JS/TS + Vue.js
  • S/TS + Angular
Front End Development


There’s a belief that product development can be done using any language or framework, which is somewhat accurate. But amid the sea of languages, libraries, and frameworks that constitute the backend tech stack, we commit to selecting the technologies best aligned with your objectives. Whether it’s creating large scale data analytics platforms, enterprise-level software, or small-to-medium application development, the approach varies. Therefore, you can trust us to make an informed decision for you, given our status as a professional product development company.

  • Java/Kotlin + Spring Boot
  • JS/TS + NodeJS
  • Python + Django
Backend Development


You might be familiar with the ongoing debate between native and cross-platform methodologies in mobile app development. While we have a slight preference for the cross-platform approach, our focus at Bachoo is always on achieving the best time-to-market, impeccable performance, and an engaging user experience. As a digital product development company, whether we prioritize a single platform or embark on cross-platform mobile development, you can trust us to deliver a visually stunning and reliable mobile product regardless.

  • React Native for cross-platform
  • Kotlin for Android
  • Swift for iOS

Cloud Providers

In choosing cloud service providers for your products, our decision is never based solely on benefits or cost-effectiveness. It’s a multifaceted choice, and we understand the factors to consider for the right decision. From integration capabilities, scalability and security features, to latency improvement provisions and data storage facilities, we pick the best and proven services to craft solutions tailored to your business. As a dependable product development company with a wealth of experience, we appreciate the importance of making informed choices when selecting cloud providers.

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP


What if we want to pivot or significantly alter our MVP during the development process?

We recommend small, iterative cycles – 1-2 weeks – to enable flexibility. This allows frequent check-ins to pivot priorities if needed, without complete reworks.
Keeping contracts and milestones minimal, plus open communication every 1-2 weeks, ensures agility within reason. Complete fluidity is unrealistic, but this balanced approach accommodates reasonable pivots through incremental progress and constant collaboration. The key is planning abbreviated sprints, limiting bloat, syncing continuously, and steering gradually. This maintains momentum amidst an evolving vision.

How involved will we be in the MVP development process?

The client is heavily involved in the early stages of each project, including MVPs. Understanding the client’s vision upfront is crucial. Our time zone proximity enables daily collaboration. During the client’s day, our team executes on approved items. In the evening, we collect questions and send them over. We expect answers within a day to progress swiftly. This tight loop allows close involvement early on. Later, once the MVP launches and clients gain confidence, they can delegate more design decisions to us. But initially, close cooperation is key.

How do you handle the intellectual property rights of the MVPs you develop?

Per our agreements, the intellectual property and ownership of everything we develop for an MVP belongs entirely to the customer.
We house all MVP work in repositories and accounts owned by the customer. They retain full admin permissions and control. We are granted limited access only to perform development work. While we apply learnings across projects internally, we never directly copy code or reuse proprietary elements. Our internal templates are extended with new functionality for each customer’s needs.
In summary, our customers own all intellectual property produced for their MVPs. We are stewards working on accounts and tools provisioned by customers for each project. Our duty is to transfer ownership and provide full transparency.

What sort of post-launch support do you provide?

We offer three paid support tiers to suit different needs and budgets. Additionally, we accommodate custom requests via estimates and signed agreements. We remain flexible to unique needs. Warranty coverage provides free bug fixes and issue resolution post-launch as part of our commitment. In a nutshell, through plans, custom offerings, and warranty protections, we provide tailored support for smooth ongoing operations and satisfaction after launch.

How do you ensure the scalability of the MVPs you develop?

We consider scalability in two primary dimensions: performance/load capacity and extensibility.
For the first, we architect the MVP from the start to handle expected traffic and usage volumes, which are aligned with clients early on based on their goals. We build in capacity to avoid issues when demand spikes.
For the second, we design components and interfaces for easy expandability down the road. If a larger future vision is defined upfront, we dedicate time to implement a robust core infrastructure to support that growth. In essence, we work closely with clients early on to scale MVPs appropriately for their specific goals and intentions. The key is aligning on long-term plans to architect the right foundations.

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