Product MVP

Out in sight, always in mind

An authentic, classic way to capture favourite people and moments in your own way, Kith & Kin puts a modern spin on everyone’s preferred method of reliving the past – a physical photo album you can design yourself.
Sounds simple? For the user, it is. Behind the scenes is a whole other story.

How it works

Kith & Kin approached us with a fantastic idea and asked us to bring it to life. We wasted no time on back-and-forth because we’ve immediately had a vision for the product. We knew it needed to feel cozy, familiar, easy to use, and customizable.

Where the soul is

To maximize the impact of holding a Kith & Kin photo album in your hands, we’ve dug deep and researched the underlying psychology of positivity and nostalgia. Next, we’ve applied it to the branding, making sure it goes up to eleven without becoming a distraction.
The final product keeps the old-school feeling of a photo album, but with a fresh coat of ’21st-century’ paint.

Challenge #1

No experience required

Putting the client in the designer’s seat with no overhead was central to the photo album creation process. Convoluted processes and confusing UIs often scare off potential clients.

As easy as one, two, three

Whether a preset satisfies you or not, you’re covered. You are offered a selection of premade prompts; if they’re not what you’re looking for – create your own!
You can invite your family and friends to get involved, too, allowing them to add photos or jokes.
Breaks are allowed. We live in a busy world, and distractions are everywhere. To keep things convenient, your progress is saved, and you can seamlessly continue where you left off.

Life’s fast, and it’s easy to get lost in a routine and quickly forget fun times with good people. No longer, though. With Kith & Kin, encapsulating cherished memories has never been this accessible and effortless.

Challenge #2

Nobody left behind

The design phase is only the beginning of a Kith & Kin photo album’s journey. Every submission is reviewed manually to provide a product of exceptional quality.
The admins deserve some love, too. To back that up, we’ve developed an intuitive dashboard that’s a pleasure to use. We spared no expense on the admin panel, making sure it follows the design language, feel, and sleekness of the customer-facing UI. Whether it’s mashing the “next” button repeatedly or having to apply multiple corrections – we’ve got the backend covered.

Challenge #3

Making sense of the uncharted

We wanted the album to feel truly yours. We achieved this using a proprietary AI that empowers instead of restricts. Using the number of photos and text as a design guideline, the AI crafts balanced, beautiful layouts, accommodating every taste and quirk, poem, or title. Everyone will find something to love.

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