PoC Impact: Reshaping IBS wellness


POC for a Healthcare application addressing IBS syndrome assessment and management.

Get ready for an exciting journey as we eagerly delve into the captivating world of healthcare and wellness. It’s all about finding holistic treatments and personalized care, and today we’re shining a spotlight on Lilac—a true game-changer in the management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and gut health. Trust us, this success story will give you butterflies in your stomach and reshape the way you think about IBS management.

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The great challenge

Lilac had a monumental task ahead—to revolutionize IBS management and bring a breath of fresh air to the field. You see, existing solutions out there were as generic as a pair of white socks, lacking that personalized touch. People with IBS were left scratching their heads, desperately searching for effective treatments. On top of that, traditional data collection and surveys were about as exciting as watching paint dry. Time-consuming and inflexible, they just couldn’t keep up with the evolving needs of IBS management. Lilac needed something revolutionary—a robust platform that would make IBS management a breeze and provide a user experience worth bragging about.

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The heroic solution

Enter our superhero team, swooping in to save the day! Lilac joined forces with us to develop an ingenious application using Next.js as our secret weapon for the front end and XANO as our trusty back-end builder.

With Next.js, we conjured up a responsive and intuitive user interface that made navigating the platform as easy as a Sunday stroll. Users could effortlessly access personalized IBS management tools, putting them back in control of their health. And let’s not forget XANO, the mastermind behind the scenes, allowing us to create a flexible data structure. It lets us work our magic on surveys, dynamically modifying questions and processing services to adapt to every individual’s unique needs.

But that’s not all! By choosing Next.js, a React-based framework, we set the stage for future expansion into a React Native application, giving Lilac a ticket to the mobile and desktop versions of greatness. This solution not only tackled Lilac’s challenges head-on but also paved the way for limitless growth and scalability in the future.





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The epic PoC journey

Hold onto your hats because this next part will blow your socks off. Prepare to be amazed by Lilac’s proof of concept (PoC), which redefines the term “value for money.” It’s like stumbling upon a mythical unicorn in a haystack—an insanely budget-friendly PoC that not only checks all the boxes for our esteemed clients’ marketing needs but also delivers a truckload of advantages. Can you believe it? This PoC doesn’t hold back, despite its low cost. It’s a force to be reckoned with, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Lilac’s implementation process was a testament to pure efficiency and effectiveness, even though there were a few bumps in the road. In the blink of an eye, Lilac became a pioneer in the realm of healthcare and wellness, offering a comprehensive platform that combines personalization, data-driven insights, and a design that’s all about putting users in the spotlight.

This project’s monumental success sets the stage for even more mind-blowing advancements, as Lilac continues to revolutionize IBS management and sprinkle relief and well-being into the lives of countless individuals. Get ready for a wild ride!

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