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Columbus in the rearview mirror

Making a difference, starting with you

Tested on humans

Full cycle web production

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Báchoo is all about you — we’ll take you on a co-creation journey and reinvent your online persona.

We craft concise, streamlined, human-friendly websites for your business that captivate and delight. Our passion is running a ‘design, develop, test’ dictatorship, knowing how to make improvements in the obscure. Years of experience will do that – you’re welcome 😉

Columbus in the rearview mirror

At Báchoo, we run our own “x got talent” show, with you as a contestant. We rigorously research our clients, then figure out what makes their customers tick. Understanding the underlying psychology behind people’s decisions results in projects that always hit their mark. This is our way to ensure that we know, breathe, and understand your product and its field.

Making a difference, starting with you

Kicking ass at being unique AND coherent becomes more challenging with each passing day, but somehow we manage, and willing to pass it down to you. Our team knows how to find a diamond in the rough, then shine a spotlight on it so bright even the Sun gets jealous. Whether you have two competitors or twenty, we know how to emphasize your unique traits in a sound, spectacular fashion. We’ll help you leave your competition in the dust; the recipe’s secret, though.

Tested on humans

You’ve read that right; we have nothing to hide. In fact, we’re pretty damned proud of it.

Everyone has abandoned an online shopping cart or lost interest in a brand because of an off-putting UI. We don’t want your clients to be that person; that’s why we test on humans. Our designs are of the “holy shit” variety because they’re not just gorgeous to look at; they’re also entertaining and intuitive to use. All thanks to our carefully selected test subjects, who go through hell. For you 😉

Brilliance STEMs from ingenuity

We don’t quite design rockets (yet?), but we rock it with development. The design phase might be the exciting part of a project’s lifetime, but without someone to bring it to life, all you’ve got are some really cool pictures. Knowing that others might get it wrong, we’ve hired the best developers on the block. We get to maintain our crazy-high standard, and you benefit from a one-stop-shop solution. Win-win situation. Again, you’re welcome.

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