Leave extinction to the dinosaurs


This website, one of the most outstanding in our portfolio, features an animated scrolling story to effectively convey a simple yet pivotal message of the consultancy: companies that don’t embrace industrial revolutions inevitably become extinct.

There’s a good reason why everyone’s glued to their screen every time Apple holds a keynote – innovation. Whether you’re planning on buying the next iPhone or not, you’re following because cutting edge today becomes commonplace tomorrow.

HeronCode is a firm believer in innovation. In fact, so strong that it’s either that or elimination. We agree.

“Do or Die” is HeronCode’s way of life, and we made sure that the website reflects that. Applying some unusual approaches and a ‘storytelling’ narrative, we’ve emphasized the urgency and importance of staying ahead of the competition because 2nd place isn’t good enough.

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The Task

HeronCode’s eccentric thinking and propensity for unconventional approaches got our creative juices flowing like no other. We collectively concluded that we’ll bury ‘conventional’ and tell a story instead.

Talking about “innovation” while moving through the motions would have missed the mark; that’s why we took you back to history class instead. We’ll show you the development of industrialism over the years and how rapidly technology and automation evolved.

Surprised that we’d be so bold and assume that you need a refresher course on industrialism? Good, remember that feeling next time you’re visiting a mundane landing page; you might miss it.

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The Challenge

We all have a different definition of disruptive. Walking the fine line between innovative and outlandish was a delicate process that required familiarity with the field at hand and its target audience. Once that was solved, we applied HeronCode’s motto, “Innovate or Obsolete,” to our design and copywriting.

Considering that the website is usually not the first point of contact with the brand, we went all in. Backed by chants of “MORE!” from the client, we used the fine line as a jump rope and made daring statements, only stopping when taking another step meant falling off a cliff.

The Concept

To make the punchline meaningful, we had to provide a little backstory. Forcing you to sit through an essay on industrialism is harsh even by our standards, so we kept the text to a minimum. You get to watch industries flourish and die within less than 60 seconds, emphasizing how easy snoozing can render you obsolete. Ask Nokia.


The Twist

It’s your turn to get involved. Early on, it was decided that we must employ AI to reflect the state of the industry today. Showcasing the power of artificial intelligence was actually very easy, all things considered – it required very little manual work. Take a mental note; this is important 😉

We’ve found an online service ( that employs AI to generate beautiful dreamscape videos from only a few manually selected images. This is where you come in and are asked to create a video yourself. Just don’t get addicted.

The Process

To present information clearly, we believe you first have to understand it well yourself. With some help from the client, we’ve managed to pass our grade school history exams and make a collage that encapsulates industrial history well, minus the fat.

The challenge was to keep it minimal, but not so minimal that you’re left scratching your head before heading off to Wikipedia.

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