Arkade Blaster
Stop playing games. Start living them.

Arkade Blaster

This is a fantastic example of how to sell gadgets online. We created a stunning presentation for an amazing product – Arkade Blaster. It features an engaging scroll-experience where one can manipulate the 3D model of the blaster, discover all its functions, and simply enjoy the meticulously detailed interface of this single-product online store.

Arkade aims to make you leave the keyboard and mouse (or joystick, we don’t discriminate) behind, and provide you with a whole new level of immersion. The Arkade Blaster redefines FPS gaming with an easy-to-use motion-sensitive rifle. Getting started is simple; all you need is the Arkade Smartphone Blaster, a smartphone, and a compatible game. The Arkade 360 Gaming Blaster gives you a full 360-degree immersion. So, pair up, and get working on that K/D ratio!

Project type
Animation E-Commerce Development Interaction Design Interactive 3d Web Design
GSAP HubSpot Shopify WordPress
Awwwards Honorable Mention CSS Design Awards Special Kudos

Visionary product, visionary design

The Arkade Blaster brings a whole new dimension to gaming. Our approach to the design was no different. The goal was to create a unique aesthetic that does justice to a truly transformative product.

Thus, immersion became the name of the game. The Arkade Blaster controller brings you closer to your favorite games, and the design follows that philosophy by providing a meticulous look into the Blaster, covering every little nook and cranny. We’ve left no stone unturned.

Arkade Mob 1
Arkade Mob 2
Arkade Mob 3

Fitting for the topic, we wouldn’t settle for less than 3D. To achieve the highest level of detail and the lowest strain on performance, we’ve used GSAP to render a custom-made model of the Arkade Motion Blaster. The ambient lighting was achieved using a gradient on the environmental map, resulting in a realistic two-tone warm/cold shading on the Blaster. Shadows were painted to bring out the fine details, and make the model look much more complex than it actually is. The cherry on top is the addition of post-processing to make the Arkade 360 Gaming Blaster indicators glow.

Arkade Mob 4
image 6

Making intricate simple

A fascinating product requires an in-depth dive into all the features it offers, and the Arkade Blaster controller is far from short on features. The product feature was built with natural progression in mind. Show off the Blaster in all its glory first, then show the many things the Blaster can do and the supported platforms with their respective titles.

Arkade Mob 9
Arkade Mob 10
Arkade Mob 11

Papers, please!

Every product requires documentation. Our approach to the FAQ and Guides for the Arkade Motion Blaster was focused on ease of access and visual appeal. Nobody likes to read walls of text (we’re looking at you, Terms & Conditions), especially when it means delaying satisfaction. The questions and their answers were concise and sorted by relevance. Getting the needed information in front of you as quickly as possible was our highest priority. Less reading, more Blasting.

Arkade Mob 6

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