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Charter Payments, Meet the 21st Century

We’re on the brink of 2023, and yacht charter payments are still frustrating. Enter Yachtly — paying and getting paid made simple for clients, brokers, stakeholders, and yacht managers.
Did we mention that it’s all under one intuitive UI? We have now.

The Problem

United States’ yacht charter industry still uses 20th century tools, and in the age of credit cards and payment apps, the most used payment method is checks. Yeah, imagine that.
Yachtly’s “out with the old, in with the new” approach birthed a payment tool perfectly tailored to the industry, accounting for the needs of all parties involved in charter processing. Automation and convenience are the game’s name now, and “forgotten/lost invoices” horror stories can finally enter the realm of myth.

The Challenge

From the very beginning, the project demanded a lot of effort to collect and put together all the information about the industry’s operational intricacies.
Initially, the Yachtly team came to us with the idea to <redacted> (sorry, NDA reasons). But, during the research stage, a decision was made to pivot in a completely different direction; this is an excellent example of how a startup product can change significantly during infancy.
The more insights both teams gathered about the charters business, the more sophisticated the platform became. At the same time, the main goal was to keep it user-centric and as simple and streamlined as possible.

The Solution

We took the Stripe platform as a basis for payments processing. Thankfully, Stripe offers multiple integration options. Our team of experienced developers worked some voodoo magic, resulting in a deep customization of the platform for all the customers’ needs while retaining the security and processing features of a global fintech leader.
By adding a clean and streamlined UI, we’ve crafted an essential tool for yacht charter professionals to perform their everyday business.

The Process

Designing with Consistency in Mind is no small feat. It requires careful consideration of user experiences and a keen eye to detail. To ensure our product remains consistent across the board, we created a comprehensive UI kit that serves as a roadmap for our design process.
Every screen of the app is designed with the user in mind and the UI kit serves as a visual reference for the design team. With this UI kit, we can ensure consistency and reduce chaos across the entire product.

The Support

Providing all-inclusive support during the project’s lifetime was a key selling point. The Yachtly team required a landing page, print materials, and pitch decks, which we could easily provide thanks to a comprehensive team of experienced designers, copywriters, and marketing specialists.

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