Team SoloMid — the House of the Game

TSM is a US-based professional eSports organization that manages many leading teams competing in today’s hottest gaming sensations.
Always hungry for more, TSM figured it’s time to have their own professional hangout spot in the form of a gaming facility, a badass establishment built solely for the players and their fans. 


“Work,” play, chill has a better ring than Live, laugh, love, anyway.

The complex will be outfitted with all the essentials, and then some: streaming rooms, a viewing stage, content studio, cafeteria, a fitness gym, and wellness center.

Construction zone ahead

Convince investors and advertise the groundbreaking facility in one swift blow? Check.

We’ve made short work of the construction plans and renders, ensuring that they’re presented in a captivating light; take a tour of the building as if you were right there.

ICONic design, lifelike experience

Taking inspiration from sci-fi movies and games, we’ve crafted lifelike chambers. Building off of the future facility’s original 3D models, we’ve adapted them to be browser and resource-friendly.

Conversion is never easy, though, and a lot of work involved correcting overlapping polygons.


We’ve managed to preserve* the original artistic vision and improve the way it performs. You no longer need a beefy gaming desktop to navigate the virtual facility.


*With a few exceptions 😉

A guided tour

Your own virtual Albert Pennyworth. We’ve created an easy flow to navigate and lead you through the facility, just like in a museum—room to room, floor to floor, no distractions.

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