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Team SoloMid — the House of the Game

Team SoloMid is a professional esports organization based in the US, managing several teams for all the hottest online games.

Their new idea is to build a gaming facility – a cool place where players and fans can work, play and hang out. The building will have everything: streaming and performance rooms, a viewing stage, a content studio, a cafeteria, a fitness gym and wellness center.

Web Design
Web Development
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Website under construction

TSM needed a website that would tell investors and future visitors about the Facility and at the same time become a virtual advertising platform for the sponsors. But since the building was still under construction, they did not have real photos: only construction plans and renderings.

In the image and likeness

Inspired by holographic game interfaces, we decided to create lifelike rooms for our future website. But it wasn’t that easy.
First, the original three-dimensional building models turned out to be too detailed, and therefore their display in the browser was too resource-intensive. And secondly, the number of polygon lines was too large, so when they crossed – guess what? – right, it all turned into a mess.

Real virtuality

In order to preserve the artistic image and optimize the engine at the same time, we simplified all the rooms and, in some cases, even redrew them from scratch.

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The most engaging part was to create an easy navigation that would lead the user through all the rooms, from one floor to another, without unnecessary transitions.

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