Captural Application —

Digital or Physical? Why not both?

The world is rapidly becoming more digital-centric, and our most cherished memories are often confined to a screen. Captural understands the importance of nostalgia; there’s nothing like reminiscing about unrepeatable memories while flipping through a photo album with your loved ones.

Evidently, we’ve made a conscious effort to accentuate this in our design.

Product MVP
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With Captural you can create highly-customized photobooks right from your phone. Conveniently choose, crop, and fine-tune your photos to arrange them to tell a story and share your memories.

Available in light and dark mode.

The biggest challenge of bringing Captural to life design-wise was its format – a (relatively) small screen. This presented us with the thrilling undertaking of making the app feel colossal, which was tackled with unmatched finesse (naturally).

We understand a flair for the artistic, and giving you creative freedom was a priority for us.

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