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Have you already heard that Americans think it’s normal to overload children with a huge variety of different classes and courses?! No, no, we are not judgmental at all. Guys from Beakid just noticed that the more children and their activities you have, the more time it takes for you to take them everywhere and gather back after. Beakid helps to collect all the activities and events in your children’s lives in one place.

Mobile App
Product Design

The task was to make an app that is like social network for parents, where they can find out what their children are busy with right now or what else to do with them. They can communicate, help with transport, invite each other to events and give full access to their child’s timetable to family and relatives.

The challenge was to combine events creation, management, children’s logistics and communication between parents in one app. Of course, keeping in mind data protection and synchronization of information. As a result, an app was released that covered all parents’ pains about their children’s after school life.

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