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Designing the future of tech investment

Burfa is an Estonian tech conglomerate and investment company with an ambition to impact the future. The company has a bi-fold approach: they develop technology and human capital, for technology is nothing without people. Burfa invests in modern tech and its main job profile is high-performance computing.

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Meeting point

Being a flagship in the field of data center design, Burfa lacked a digital identity. Our task was to create a kind of online embassy where clients and investors would find sufficient info.

Spirit of enthusiasm

There’s always a bit of luck in working with young people with global ambitions. The challenge was to visually reflect the essence, the spirit and the character of true enthusiasm of Estonian tech company group.

Hiding in plain sight

While we were looking for the main building block of the future site, our attention suddenly fell on the logo. And the idea was born.

A cherry on top

On top of it, we were asked to make a visual statement. So, in order to differentiate Burfa from the rest, we created interactive light objects that consisted of replicated pieces of the Burfa logotype to complement the company’s values.

Good done right

Burfa is a company that implements projects of any complexity, using all relevant construction systems and paying special attention to each design stage. Therefore, working on their website, we used all our precision, knowledge and attention to details to exceed the expectations.

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