Website for Medio Cafe —

Not just a website for not just a café

Medio Cafe is located on San Juan island, providing them with an amazing opportunity to stand out and offer a dining experience. Emphasis on the experience. Medio Café asked us to design a website that reflects their focus on bringing every aspect of the brand up to par with their holistic view.

Website creation
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Mobile-first approach

Considering the tourist-centric nature of the location, we opted for a mobile-first approach. After all, you’re always carrying your smartphone.

We steered clear of typical ‘restaurant website’ clichés where everything essentially converges on a single point: the menu. Instead, we developed a design language that provides enough room for every individual aspect to shine while painting a bigger picture.

Opting for a carbon color palette, we let contrast do most heavy-lifting, leaving room for photos to blend beautifully into the clean, easygoing design.

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