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Gaming in the workplace

Let’s talk creativity.

We’ve all played games that completely changed us after we were done. Origamix aims to transplant this effect to the workplace – take a team, get them to play together, and come out different when they’re done.
No, not like Squid Game. Stop asking.


Our involvement in fleshing out the website’s look, feel, and performance was vast, and we’ve never had as much fun playing with puzzles as we did here. After the project was launched, we realized that we’ve inadvertently ended up playing the game ourselves.


The brainstorming sessions that determined the website’s look went a lot like the trademark Origamix approach — breaking things down, seeing what works and what requires improvement, and then hammering at it.


Drawing references from neon signs abundant in everything cyberpunk and futuristic, we’ve blended that with the retro-futurism aesthetic customary of the 80s, resulting in an idea similar yet fresh.


Avoiding the common pitfalls of banality was a concern for us, considering how easy it is to spiral into mediocrity. Making things exciting and playful was central to this project, and we’ve pulled it off by toning a few things down while cranking other things way up. Go check it out; see unpredictability in the flesh.

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