TSM's new Website: eSports at Its Finest

TSM (Team SoloMid) is a professional esports organization, based in Los Angeles (CA). They compete at the highest level in various esports disciplines and have won numerous titles in world competitions. Our objective was to create a website that offers effortless access to comprehensive information about TSM, catering to its loyal fanbase, esteemed partners, and prospective athletes.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to craft a design that seamlessly weaved together fun and sophistication, appealing to a wide range of audiences. TSM’s design team also challenged us to revamp their existing style and enhance its usability, making sure their brand radiates energy and success.

The Vision

Our solution was to concoct a design that married simplicity and clarity, with a touch of playfulness. We accomplished this by incorporating minimalistic layouts with sleek forms and adding delightful elements such as patterns, icons, and interactive features, making the design not just visually stunning but also engaging and memorable.

The Twist

TSM’s got big plans, and that includes helping new talent shine. On their website, we used a slick background color change trick to set apart the different areas of development. For the up-and-coming stars, we went with a fresh white color to represent their journey’s start. This way, visitors can easily find what they’re looking for and quickly navigate their way to the coolest sections of the site.

TSM’s Championship Swagger on Full Display

We brought our A-game to the table to design a site that truly captures the essence of TSM as a dominant force in the e-sports world. The result is a layout that expertly embodies their philosophy and attitude, leaving you feeling inspired and ready to join their winning team.

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